The first issue of a new Newsletter for all Bath Freemasons has just been published.  It is called the North East Corner.

The Newsletter will be issued three times a year, in May, September and December, and is being circulated in electronic form to all members of Lodges and Orders meeting at Bath Masonic Hall.   The style is light-hearted, and includes news of social events, forward notice of a different type of Lodge evening that the host Lodge wishes to encourage others to attend, reports of special evenings held, a brief introduction to a side order, plus news from the Bath Masonic Hall or the Friends and Widows Associations.

This title is very apt because Bath was the City where Freemasonry was first founded in the Province of Somerset, and it is also the geographical position of Bath in the Province.    The editor is Alan Morsley, and he is already looking for articles for the next issue in September.  So if you have anything you would like to see in that issue, please email them to him.

You can download the first issue here