One of the three prime objectives of The Somerset Masters’ Lodge is to attract and interest Brethren by means of papers on the history, antiquities and symbols of the Order and thus to augment their knowledge of Masonry.  This is achieved by the presentation of such papers at each meeting of the Lodge, and by circulation of papers and articles to the membership in the annual Somerset Masters’ Lodge Transactions.

TSomerset Masters' Lodge Transactionshis publication has been issued each year, without exception, since the formation of the Lodge in 1915, and this year’s publication is the 104th issue. In that time, over 700 papers and articles on Freemasonry and associated Historical subjects have been published, and now we are providing a searchable online index of all of those papers which can be found by following this link.

The wide range of subject matter of these articles can be seen by browsing the index.  They include papers read in the Lodge itself, as well as those presented by and to members of other Lodges or Chapter in the Province and beyond.  Noteworthy contributors have included George Norman, Harry Carr, Hiram Hallett, Egbert Lewis, Lionel Vibert, Bernard Jones, Roderick Baxter, Henry Lafontaine, Wilfred Fisher, Percival James, Leonard Webb, Alexander Jackson, John Hamill, Yasha Beresiner and Robert Gilbert.

There are still some back issues of these Transactions available for £5 each, post free, and for details of how to obtain them please email the Lodge Archivist.