Elizabethan Lodge entertained their many visitors with a fun filled Burns supper after enjoying an excellent ceremony in which Bro. Colin Ray “finally” became a Master Mason. ( 3 years in the making ) which was made all the more special by his brother in law travelling from London to expertly deliver a lovely part of the ritual.

The dining at the festive board included, what one visitor claimed was the best Haggis he’d ever tasted. It had been piped in by our resplendent piper who then went on to address the ” Great chieftain o the puddin’-race! “ before an appreciative audience.
The Immortal memory toast was in the safe hands of our token Scot, Bro. Mark Cantwell, who recited his personal favourite Burns poem in the broad Scottish vernacular. Fortunately for us Sasanachs he had a translator on hand to read the English version for us, Unfortunately….. the translator was our very own Croation Bro. Marco Jelaca who’s accent was even more difficult to understand than Marks., so no one was any the wiser. When the laughter eventually died down Bro Duncan Weston took over the translating much to everyone’s relief.

The evening finished with what can only be described as one of the most surreal toasts to the visitors I have ever heard, or seen! W.Bro. Chris Davey becoming famous for his props filled carrier bags that seem to appear whenever he delivers a toast. We are never quite sure what he is going to bring out next….

Email our Sec to book yourself in for our April 5th meeting when we will be celebrating our 400th meeting by initiating a new Mason and enjoying TWO fantastic responses by two of our visitors, one very moving and one very funny.