A wonderful final meeting of 2019 for Elizabethan Lodge last night, made all the more memorable for several reasons.

First was the passing of Bro. Grimes, our most recent initiate and already a promisingly enthusiastic ritualist, in an exemplary second degree ceremony conducted by W.Bro Fitch and his officers. Candidate and companions alike thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we now look forward to an equally enthusiastic brace of Raisings upon our reconvention in the New Year.

Following the ceremony, the lodge was honoured for it’s contribution to the 2020 Somerset Festival by the visiting W.Bro Barry McCormack, PSGD, who presented us with our 5th Ashlar, in recognition of our donations exceeding the £700-per-member average. We are exceptionally proud to have achieved this milestone – charity being centric to Masonic ethics and activity – and as our Charity Steward W.Bro. Goddard pointed out, we will continue to build on this achievement in the New Year.

Upstairs for the most festive of Festive Boards, and over a wonderful meal, lively banter, and the sustained salvo of many a pulled Christmas cracker, the icing was put on what was already a fantastic night all around. The response to the visitors toast was undertaken (at length!) by Bro. Rob Collins – AKA ‘The Ole Hedge Creeper’ – who regaled the assembled Brethren with a few fun stories of country life and, most important, the details of his extensive charity work with The Masonic Fishing Charity, which organises outdoor and country pursuits for those with mental or physical disabilities, the disadvantaged, or those who have suffered trauma.

With 2019 coming to a close, we wish all of our Brethren, visitors, friends and family a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!