After nearly eighty years Bath Round Table ceased due to an unsustainable decline in Membership; an unfortunate trend caused by modern-day pressures of work and family commitments.

Shortly afterwards, at a Bath 41 Club meeting (ex Roundtablers who had to leave after passing the ripe old age of 40) a discussion arose about the need to keep track of the Chairman’s Chain of Office, or Gong as it was fondly and irreverently called, in case it inadvertently disappeared into someone’s attic or, worse still, a car-boot sale.

The Gong, along with a few other pieces of Regalia were professionally mounted in a frame and a permanent home identified; the Bath Masonic Museum in Old Orchard Street, a fitting place as many past members of Bath Round Table are also Freemasons in Bath – both organisations sharing similar core values and enjoying the same esprit de corps.

The Regalia was handed over to the Museum Curator Trevor Quartermaine at a special dinner on Wednesday 11th May and can now be viewed during a public tour of the building on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and some Saturday afternoons.

Pictured above (Left to Right):
Trevor Quartermaine – Bath Masonic Museum Curator (of BBC Flog It fame)
Jim Cronin – Chairman Bath 41 Club
David Hogg – Past President and Chairman of Bath Round Table, Past Chairman of Bath 41 Club
Paul Perry – Past National Round Table President