After an extra meeting of the Lodge of Honour No.379 in the Bath Masonic Hall on Wednesday, May 7th a certain brother completed his journey to Master Mason.  Brother Phil Upton was raised to the Third Degree in fine style by the Worshipful Master W. Bro. Geoff Ifill and his Officers.

This was the second extra meeting this year for Lodge of Honour.  In April Brother Mike Williams completed the same journey to Master Mason and both candidates were in awe of the experience.

The “First” for The Lodge of Honour and the Province of Somerset however, was that Brother Phil’s journey in Bath Freemasonry “Started with a Tweet”!   His introduction to the lodge came from contact through the Lodge of Honour’s Twitter feed @lodgeofhonour.   The other “First” is that we believe he is the First Master Mason in the Province of Somerset to come solely through social media. He was also the First Initiate too !   And we say ….“Long may it continue !”

Both Brother Phil and Brother Mike were superb candidates and Lodge of Honour, Bath Freemasonry and the Province of Somerset can be proud of their two excellent new Master Masons.   This was the last meeting of 379 for the current Masonic season and what season it has been!  Since November The Lodge of Honour has welcomed in 4 Initiates and 4 Joining Members….phew !… Not a bad season’s work !!

Above Left to Right: Bro Phil Upton, Worshipful Master Geoff Ifill, Bro Mike Williams

Ray Harris