During his year of office, WBro Alex Rhys demonstrated a maturity beyond his 26 years of age, conducting himself with dignity and composure.

It has been a busy year for Alex, having just completed his final year of a PhD in Cancer Research at Barts Institute, Queen Marys, London, where he studied cancer cell division, and how it can be disrupted as a potential therapy.

Our new Master, WBro Neil Hawes returns to the Chair of St Alphege after 20 years, bringing with him a wealth of experience gathered in his 30 years of Freemasonry.

The underlying essence of St Alphege Lodge is illustrated by the diversity of our ages; our oldest member is 94 and in October we will be Initiating a 19 year old undergraduate from Bath University.

Age is but a number; teamwork, mutual support, guidance and leadership help unite the Brethren into one cohesive, happy and successful Lodge.