When St Alphege Lodge enthusiastically agreed to participate in the Universities Scheme eleven years ago we speculated on the benefits it would bring; however, none of us thought for one moment that we might one day, have a Worshipful Master of the tender age of just 25!

But our new WM, Alex Rhys’, ambition, drive and capability more than compensate for the diminutiveness of his meagre years!

When he is not Chairing the National Conference of Amnesty International UK or acting as an expert on Higher Education policy for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills; he is running the London Universities Scheme Drop-In centre; an active member of the Metropolitan Grand Lodge Talking Heads Team; Webmaster for London Masons; Royal Arch Co-Ordinator for Metropolitan Grand Lodge; Principle Sojourner in Ravensbourne Chapter and Senior Deacon in the Lodge of Good Fellowship.

And in his spare time he is planning for his wedding in June.

Oh, and incidentally, his day job? – researching a cure for cancer! Alex is in his final year of a PhD in Cancer Research at Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Marys, London, where he studies cancer cell division, and how it can be disrupted as a potential therapy.   Previously Alex studied Biochemistry at the University of Bath, before taking a sabbatical year as the Education Officer for their Students’ Union.

Move over Clark Kent and Bruce Waine ….. there’s a new Superhero in town!

We are just glad that it is in our town and we are very pleased he is now WM of our Lodge.

The photograph kindly taken by Paul Mallon at Alex’s Installation on Saturday 2nd April 2016 shows a host of dignitaries flanking young Alex including RW Bro Sir David Wootton the Assistant Grand Master and President of the Universities Scheme and RW Bro Stuart Hadler Provincial Grand Master for Somerset

David Hogg – DC & Universities Scheme Liaison Officer